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Who Buys the Most Property in Turkey

Turkey has seen tremendous growth in its property in Turkey sector over the past decade. Fueled by both foreign and domestic demand, the real estate market has boomed as the country has emerged as a popular living and investment destination. From seaside towns along its Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines to bustling metropolitan areas like Istanbul and Ankara, property in Turkey is in high demand from a variety of buyer types.

Foreign Buyers

One of the groups that buys a lot of property in Turkey is foreign buyers. In recent years, Turkey has become a really popular destination for people from other countries to purchase a second home or investment property.

Some of the nationalities that are big players in the Turkish property in Turkey market include Russians, Germans, Brits, and Iranians. Proximity, weather, culture, and value are some of the reasons why foreign buyers are attracted to Turkey. Many see it as an affordable option compared to places like Spain or Greece.

The Turkish government has also made it easier for foreigners to be homeowners. You no longer need Turkish citizenship to buy land or property. This has opened the doors for more international interest. In certain coastal towns and cities like Antalya or Bodrum, over half of all property sales go to foreign buyers.

Property in Turkey

Domestic Buyers

Turks themselves also buy a good amount of property in Turkey, whether it’s for their own use or as an investment. Istanbul is the biggest domestic market and sees lots of property purchases by Turkish nationals every year.

Many families will buy an apartment in Istanbul so their kids have a place to live when they move to the big city for university or work. It’s also common for Turks to own a flat or house in their hometown, even if they live elsewhere most of the year. This ensures they have accommodation to return to.

Investment is another key reason why Turks buy property in Turkey. With a good location and some renovations, property values often rise steadily over time. Rental income from tenants is also a smart way for domestic buyers to generate a passive income stream. In tourist destinations especially, the short-term rental market through platforms like Airbnb has really taken off.

Property in Turkey

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers are the biggest bulk buyers of property in Turkey. They acquire large plots of land to build housing developments, complexes, and commercial projects. Some major Turkish developers include Tekzen Group and İş GYO.

Developers aim to maximize their profits by dividing up land into the highest number of units possible within legal limits. Apartments, villas, stores, and office spaces are all constructed and then sold individually to homeowners and businesses. The scale of these development projects means developers purchase huge areas of property in Turkey each year.

Foreign real estate companies have also got in on the action in Turkey. Large international brands like Desa, Emaar Properties, and Damac have undertaken major projects in the country. They see the opportunities for growth offered by Turkey’s expanding economy and population. Developing modern, Western-style housing helps attract buyers both domestically and from overseas.

High Net Worth Individuals

Turkey has no shortage of wealthy individuals who can afford premium property in Turkey. Whether they made their money in business, inherited it, or are high-profile sports stars, many high net worth individuals like to own luxury real estate.

The Bosphorus region of Istanbul is a top choice for mansions and waterfront villas. In coastal resorts like Bodrum and Antalya, lavish seaside properties catering to millionaires are increasingly common. These buyers demand the highest quality construction and amenities like private beaches, pools, and landscaped gardens.

For the ultra-wealthy, property in Turkey is an investment as well as a lifestyle purchase. The potential is there for significant capital growth over the long run. At the same time, they can enjoy prestigious addresses and an elevated standard of living through impressive real estate portfolios in the country.

Young Professionals

Many young professionals working in big Turkish cities like Istanbul are also entering the property in Turkey market. As their careers advance and salaries increase, buying a home becomes a realistic goal.

Renting for many years first gives them a chance to explore different neighborhoods and learn about the housing market. When they feel financially secure enough, they make the transition to homeownership. Apartments near their workplace or in trendy urban districts are popular options for young professional buyers of property in Turkey.


Some view property in Turkey purely as an investment rather than for personal use. They buy with the aim of selling at a higher price or earning rental income. Domestic and foreign investors both participate actively.

Cash buyers looking for a quick flip can snap up undervalued units and do light renovations before relisting. Long-term investors hold properties for 5-10+ years to capitalize fully on price appreciation. The rental market, especially in university towns, provides steady yields for passive investment in property in Turkey.

Expats and Digital Nomads

An increasing number of expats and digital nomads have also entered the Turkish property in Turkey market in recent years. People relocating for work often purchase to avoid rent costs.

For digital nomads, Turkey’s affordability, infrastructure and lifestyle make it an attractive long-term base. Cities like Izmir provide quality living at a fraction of European or American housing expenses. Buying gives these groups stability and roots in Turkey as their stays extend longer term. Seaside towns catering to foreign residents have seen rises in expat property in Turkey purchases.

Final Thought

There is strong demand for property in Turkey from both domestic and international parties. Whether you’re a family looking to put down roots, an investor seeking returns, a developer building large projects, or an affluent individual, Turkey offers opportunities in the real estate market. Its combination of natural beauty, emerging economy, and affordable prices relative to other destinations continues to attract many different types of property buyers.

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