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Where to Buy Property in Antalya

If you’re lookin’ to buy property in Antalya, this guide is for you! Antalya is one of the top destinations in Turkey for purchasin’ a holiday home or permanent residence. With its beautiful beaches and mild climate, it’s no wonder so many people want to buy property in Antalya.

Key Things to Consider When Looking to Buy Property in Antalya

There are a few important things to think about when lookin’ to buy property in Antalya. First off, you’ll wanna consider location. Antalya is a big city with lotsa different neighborhoods, so think about what type of area suits you best. Do you want somewhere more lively with shops and restaurants nearby? Or would you prefer a quieter spot a bit outside the main hustle and bustle?

You’ll also wanna think about budget. Property prices can vary a lot dependin’ on location and what type of place you’re lookin’ for. Do your research on average prices for apartments and villas in different parts of town so you know what you can realistically afford. No point lookin’ at fancy beachfront pads if they’re way outta your price range!

Finally, think about what type of property you want – apartment, villa, townhouse etc. Apartments are usually cheaper but you won’t get as much outdoor space. Villas and townhouses give you more privacy and a garden, but cost more. Figurin’ out what’s most important to you will help narrow down your options.

Popular Areas to Buy Property in Antalya

With all that in mind, here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Antalya to consider if you’re lookin’ to buy property in Antalya:


Konyaalti is a really nice area right on the coast with beautiful beaches and sea views. It’s one of the most expensive parts of Antalya but also really popular because of its prime location. Properties here will set you back a pretty penny but you’re right by the water with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops nearby. Perfect if you wanna be able to stroll down to the sea whenever you feel like it.


Lara is a bit more residential but still really close to the beach. It’s a little cheaper than Konyaalti but you still get the coastal vibes without paying top dollar. Lots of new apartment developments have gone up here in recent years and the area has a nice family-friendly atmosphere. Great spot if you want beach living without the big price tag of Konyaalti.


Kepez is an up-and-coming area with a young, lively feel. It’s more inland so not right on the coast but super well connected by public transport. Tonnes of bars, restaurants and shops are poppin’ up here all the time makin’ it a buzzin’ neighborhood to check out. Properties tend to be great value for money in Kepez cos it’s still developin’ its reputation as a cool place to be.


Muratpaşa is the downtown core of Antalya so perfectly located to explore the city from. It’s older than some other areas but has loads of history and character. Properties are on the smaller side generally but the trade-off is an amazing central spot within walkin’ distance of everything. Great for city living without needing to rely on transit as much.

Those are some top neighborhoods to consider if you’re lookin’ to buy property in Antalya. All have their own vibes so think about what’s most important – location, budget, vibe etc. Then start lookin’ around online and with local agents to get a feel for what options are out there that suit you.

Things to Consider When Buying an Apartment vs. Villa

When decidin’ what type of property to buy in Antalya, you’ll mostly be choosin’ between apartments and villas. Both have pros and cons to weigh up:


  • Generally cheaper upfront cost than villas
  • Less maintenance responsibilities like gardening
  • Often found in more central locations close to amenities
  • Less outdoor private space


  • More living space and land overall
  • More privacy and your own garden
  • Feels more like a standalone home
  • Higher purchase and maintenance costs
  • Usually in more suburban areas

Think about whether private outdoor space is important to you or if a lower-maintenance option in the city is better. Villas give you more room to spread out but come with extra costs long-term for upkeep. Apartments are great if location is key and you don’t mind less yard area. Weigh up what matters most to your lifestyle.

It’s also worth considerin’ apartment complexes vs. standalone buildings if you do go the apartment route. Complexes often have shared pools, gyms and gardens that can feel more resort-like, while standalone apartments may have character but lack community amenities. Again, think about what will suit you best.

No matter what you choose, also make sure to check things like parking, security, and any facilities/amenities included before makin’ an offer. These details can really influence your living experience long-term.

Tips for Finding Properties to Buy in Antalya

Now you know the top areas and have an idea of apartments vs. villas, here are some tips for actually findin’ places to buy in Antalya:

  • Use online property sites like Sahibinden and Realtor to search listings in your preferred locations. Set up alerts so you don’t miss anything new.
  • Connect with local Turkish real estate agents on Instagram or Facebook. They’ll be your best resource for off-market deals not yet listed online.
  • Drive or take Ubers around neighborhoods to spot “For Sale” signs outside properties. Sometimes the best deals come from motivating sellers.
  • Ask any Turkish friends or contacts if they know of anyone selling. Word-of-mouth is big here.
  • Check notice boards in cafes and shops in your target areas for handwritten listings.
  • Drive along the coast roads and consider small towns nearby like Manavgat or Alanya for bigger villas/land at better prices than Antalya city.
  • Be prepared to make an offer quickly once you find the right place. Properties move fast, especially in hot seasons.

I hope these tips give you a good startin’ point to start your property search and find the perfect place to buy in Antalya! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Financing Your Purchase and Other Costs of Buying Property in Antalya

Now you’ve found the ideal property, next comes sortin’ the finances. Here are some things to be aware of for fundin’ your purchase and other costs of buyin’ property in Antalya:

  • Most Turkish banks offer mortgage loans but interest rates can be on the high side compared to other countries. Shop around for the best option.
  • You’ll usually need a minimum 20% down payment for a mortgage. Consider this in your budget.
  • Closing costs like title registration and transfer taxes add a few percent to the total purchase price.
  • Factor in any renovations/repairs the place may need before you move in. Build a reno budget.
  • Check annual property taxes levied by the local municipality.
  • Consider homeowner’s insurance for peace of mind against damages.
  • Figure strata/community fees if buying into an apartment complex.
  • Get quotes from local English-speakin’ lawyers to handle the purchase process.

With careful budgeting of these extra costs, a mortgage can make your Antalya property purchase possible even on an average salary. Just be sure to get quotes and do thorough financial planning before making an offer. With the right research, you’ll be on your way to happily buyin’ property in Antalya!

Final Thought

From location choices to financing options, there’s a lot to think about but also great rewards to be had. The city has so much to offer with its blend of beach livin’, city conveniences, and Turkish charm. With the right research on your side, you’re sure to find the ideal spot to call home here.

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