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Villa to Rent in Antalya

Dreaming of a getaway, to the Turkish Riviera? Antalya with its beaches, history and vibrant nightlife is the ideal destination for relaxation. Opting for a villa than a standard hotel room during your visit is my top recommendation. Villa to Rent in Antalya provide space and privacy compared to accommodations. With numerous villa options available in Antalya ranging from apartments to beachfront estates selecting the right one, for your group can be daunting. To assist you in finding the vacation rental in Antalya consider these tips;

The Most Important Thing: Location

Villa to Rent in Antalya

The first thing to consider is location. Antalya is a large city, so where in Antalya you stay will really impact your experience. Most villas to rent in Antalya are situated either in the historic Kaleiçi district, along the coastal Lara beach area, or dotted along the beautiful Turkish Riviera.

Kaleiçi is ideal if you want to be in the heart of the old city, close to restaurants, bars and attractions. However, it’s more residential so villas to rent in Antalya here tend to be smaller. The Lara beach region has a lively tourist scene with plenty of amenities. You’ll be right on the sand! Villas to rent in Antalya along the Riviera scatter you among lush green hills with stunning Mediterranean views.

Amenities and Comforts

Villa to Rent in Antalya

Think about what amenities and facilities you want your villa to rent in Antalya to have. At a minimum, look for villas to rent in Antalya with a full kitchen, WiFi, air conditioning and private parking. But you can also find places with swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and outdoor dining areas. For families or larger groups, 3+ bedroom villas to rent in Antalya with multiple bathrooms are best.

Pay attention to little extras like washer/dryers, baby cribs or BBQ facilities too. These can make a big difference in your enjoyment and convenience level during your stay. Don’t forget to check if breakfast is included, as this can save you time and money every morning.

Reviews and Reputation

Villa to Rent in Antalya

When browsing villas to rent in Antalya, take note of reviews from past guests. They offer valuable insights into the property and owner/manager. Look for consistent 5-star reviews praising location, cleanliness, communication and value. Beware of listings with many unanswered questions or unresolved complaints.

It’s also wise to book through reputable property management companies versus private rentals if possible. Established companies ensure quality control, quick problem solving and peace of mind. They’re more likely to provide backups if issues arise with your original villa to rent in Antalya.

Timing and Rates

As with anywhere, high season means higher prices for villas to rent in Antalya. July-August and Christmas/New Years are most expensive. You can save a bundle by visiting outside these summer and winter peak periods. Weekly and monthly rates also tend to be cheaper per night than short stays.

Be sure to factor in any additional tourist taxes or cleaning fees too. And always ask if rates are negotiable for longer bookings. With patience and flexibility, you’re bound to find an incredible villa to rent in Antalya that fits your budget.

Sample Villas to Consider

Villa to Rent in Antalya

Now that you know what to look for, here are a few top-rated villas to rent in Antalya to inspire your search:

  1. Villa Daphnis – Situated right on Lara beach with panoramic sea views, 3 bedrooms and private pool area. Rates start around $150 USD per night.
  2. Villa Artemis – Spacious 5 bedroom historic home in old town Kaleiçi with all modern amenities. Sleeps up to 10 people. From $180 USD nightly.
  3. Villa Kaya – Luxurious 4 bedroom villa up in the hills near Konyaalti, boasting a stunning infinity pool overlooking the water. Expect to pay $250-300 USD nightly.
  4. Villa Egea – Simple 1 bedroom apartment near Antalya airport, great for solo travelers on a budget. Only $60-80 USD per night. Basic amenities but hard to beat the price!

Things to Do Near Your Villa to Rent in Antalya

No matter where your villa to rent in Antalya is located, you’ll find plenty of activities nearby to keep you entertained. Here are some top attractions:

  1. Hadrian’s Gate: This impressive Roman archway is located right in the heart of old town Kaleiçi. Walk through for photo ops and to learn about Antalya’s history.
  2. Konyaalti Beach: For relaxing beach days, head to lively Konyaalti beach just down the road from many coastal villas to rent in Antalya. Rent a sunlounger and enjoy the Mediterranean views.
  3. Antalya Archaeological Museum: Showcasing artifacts from ancient cities in the region, this world-class museum is a must whether you stay in town or along the Riviera.
  4. Old Harbour: Take a stroll along the picturesque boardwalk of the old harbour, dotted with restaurants and boats. It’s especially beautiful at sunset.
  5. Sundays at Kaleiçi: Every Sunday, old town Kaleiçi closes off to traffic and fills with music, dancing, food stalls and crafts. A fun local experience.

Getting Around from Your Villa to Rent in Antalya

Transportation is easy whether you rent a car or rely on public options. Buses, dolmuş minivans and trams can take you anywhere in the city for only a few lira. Ride-hailing apps like Uber are also widely available.

For day trips further afield, consider:

  • Renting a car from the airport or your villa to rent in Antalya. Roads are in great condition.
  • Joining an organized tour from your accommodation – most include hotel pick up and guide.
  • Taking public buses to places like Termessos National Park, Phaselis archaeological site or Olympos beach town.

With so much to explore nearby, you won’t run out of things to do from your Antalya villa to rent!

Tips for Booking a Villa to Rent in Antalya

Between browsing listings and corresponding with owners, there’s some key things to keep in mind when booking your perfect villa to rent in Antalya. Following these tips will help smooth the process:

  • Ask detailed questions upfront about amenities, policies and anything unclear in the listing.
  • Request and review multiple photos from different angles of both the exterior and interior.
  • Inquire about minimum stay requirements and any additional tourist taxes not mentioned in the nightly rate.
  • Ask about the check-in and check-out process, as well as the owner’s response time to questions once you book.
  • Consider travel insurance in case you need to cancel or cut your trip short due to unexpected circumstances.
  • Always read reviews from other guests and take note of any recurring issues mentioned.

Being thorough at the start will help ensure a positive experience renting your villa to rent in Antalya! Don’t hesitate to negotiate if needed too.

Final Thought

The variety and quality of properties available is really impressive. Following the tips here should help you find an excellent villa to rent in Antalya that suits your whole group. Antalya has so much natural beauty and history to discover. Renting a villa instead of a hotel room allows you to truly unwind and feel at home during your stay. You’ll save money too by having your own kitchen and space. Wishing you the very best with your search and an amazing trip! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. Now get browsing those awesome villas to rent in Antalya – your Riviera escape awaits!

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