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Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey citizenship by investment is one of the most attractive programs for foreign investors seeking a second passport. The Turkish government launched this initiative in 2017 to boost foreign direct investment and economic growth. Since then, it has attracted thousands of applicants who have gained valuable citizenship benefits.

What is Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkey citizenship by investment is a program launched by the Turkish government that allows foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a qualifying investment in the country. This investment for citizenship program has gained huge popularity in recent years as it provides a relatively affordable route to a second passport from a strategically important country.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

There are tons of awesome benefits you can gain from a Turkey citizenship by investment. Here are some of the top ones:

Live And Work Freely in Turkey

With Turkish citizenship, you can live in Turkey for as long as you want without needing a visa. You can also work or start a business there. Turkey has a growing economy so this opens up lots of opportunities.

Travel Visa-Free To Over 100 Countries

A Turkish passport allows visa-free access to a large number of places around the world. You can explore over 100 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and more without worrying about visas. How cool is that!

Family Benefits Too

Your spouse and unmarried kids under 18 can become citizens along with you. This means the whole fam can live, work and travel together. Ain’t that smashing!

Easy US E-2 Visa

If you want to do business in the US, a Turkish passport makes it simple to apply for an E-2 investor visa. This is a huge plus for many investors.

Real Estate is Booming

Property prices in Turkey’s big cities like Istanbul and Antalya have like skyrocketed in recent times. Your investment will probably increase in value loads after a few years. Score!

No Language Or Residency Rules

Unlike some other countries, you don’t need to speak Turkish or live in Turkey to apply. Sweet!

Dual Citizenship Allowed

Turkey allows you to keep your existing citizenship along with gaining Turkish citizenship. How neat is that!

The Process of Turkey Citizenship by Investment

To obtain citizenship through investment in Turkey, the main steps are:

Turkey Citizenship by Investment
  1. Choose an investment option – You can invest in real estate worth $400k or more, government bonds of $500k, job creation of 50+ folks etc.
  2. Get documents ready – Stuff like passport, background check, marriage/birth certificates if family is applying too.
  3. Apply for residency permit – This is granted on the same day as application.
  4. Make the investment – Transfer the cashola and purchase your investment.
  5. Submit citizenship application – Include all docs and bam you’re done!
  6. Wait patiently – It takes around 3-4 months to get your sweet Turkish passport.
  7. The entire process is quite straightforward and can be done remotely. You don’t need to live in Turkey at all.

Investment Options For Turkey Citizenship by Investment

There are several options to invest the minimum $400k required for Turkish citizenship:

Turkey Citizenship by Investment
  • Purchase real estate worth $400k or more. Properties in big cities have been rising like crazy in value so this is a smart choice.
  • Sink $500k into government bonds for 3 years. A little boring but safe option.
  • Establish a company that employs 50+ locals full-time. This creates jobs so brownie points for you.
  • Transfer $500k cash directly into a Turkish bank account for 3 years.
  • Invest $500k in a real estate investment fund for 3 years.
  • Put $500k into a venture capital fund incorporated in Turkey.

Real estate is likely the best bang for your buck but the others provide flexibility too depending on your situation.

Should You Go For Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

If you’re looking for an affordable route to a second passport from a strategically located country, Turkey citizenship by investment is totally worth considering. Some key advantages include:

  • Growing economy with business opportunities galore
  • Property prices poised to rocket even higher in the future
  • Visa-free access to Europe, Asia, Africa and more
  • Ability to pass down citizenship to future generations
  • Low minimum investment threshold of $400k
  • Option to retain existing citizenship
  • No language or residence rules

Final Thought

In general opting for citizenship through investment offers a path, to acquiring a valuable European passport. By investing $400,000 or more you secure enduring citizenship benefits, for you and your loved ones. These perks encompass visa travel, residency privileges, employment opportunities and potential business prospects.

Despite the commitment involved the rewards come in the form of quality of life and enhanced mobility. For individuals meeting the criteria obtaining citizenship through investment can prove to be a beneficial choice. I recommend those intrigued to delve into the program and assess its suitability for their aspirations.

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